Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Manifesto.

1. You're always a student
No matter where or what you are doing, there isn't one point in life when you know it all.

2. Time is a concept that human beings created - yoko ono
You're never too old for anything, curiosity and playfullness helps you bring out the best in things.

3. Travel
Change your environment, don't think about the destination, make the most of where it takes you and the events that unravel on the way - this can be metaphorically speaking

4. It's never to late.
Giving up is the only form of failure.

5. Walk backwards
Once in a while it's important to reflect and go in different directions.

6. Assemble, desconstruct and reassemble.

7. Listen.
One of mans greatest skills, you wont get anywhere without it.

8. Little things.
Be anal if you have to, it's the accumilation of the smaller things that pack the biggest punch.

9. Open your eyes.
Take in everything that's around you, not just what what you hear or read from others, experience it yourself.

10. Take risks, embrace opportunities.

11. Lie down.
Sometime's things will open up when you're laterally thinking.

12. There's possibility in positivity.
No-man's are no fun.

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